Matching two audio tracks

I want to stitch two audio music tracks together (first half and second half). They were both recorded in different environments. Is there an easy way to copy all the attributes of one audio track (such as gain) and then apply them all in a quick and dirty way to the other track so the two sound consistent?

If the different environments involve echo or room resonance, it will be an uphill battle / borderline impossible. We can’t manage echoes at all and room resonances frequently overload the recording channel. We can’t manage overload, either.


Thanks - that’s what I feared. But I just wondered if there was a way in which you could take a wave form and apply the attributes to another audio track so it broadly matches without having to manually manipulate it so the gain etc is correct.

You can (approximately, with a lot of steps) apply the frequency spectrum of one song to another. So for example if one song has a mix of bass and treble that you like and the other song has too much bass, you can correct the song that has too much bass.

You can’t match different amounts of ambience easily. And you can’t easily remove reverb, so generally the only solution is to add reverb to the track that has less ambience.

You can use Effect > Normalize… to bring each song to the same peak level, but they may not sound the same due to one song having a different amount of dynamic range. You can use Effect > Compressor… to change the dynamic range of each song.


There is an experimental plugin for Audacity which allows you to make the frequency-response of one track match another track , see … Harmonize 2 audio sounds - #5 by Trebor . However , like Koz said , it won’t change reverberation : you may still be able to hear the difference even though the frequency-responses match.