mandolin sound [SOLVED]

what would you suggest as a close mandolin sound( taken from a guitar track) I have sent a sample piece.

I’m not sure I get this. It sounds like a big-body guitar to me. Is this part of another posting?

You wanted a guitar+mandolin combo.

Duplicate the guitar track , (press Ctrl + D).
Apply “Sliding time scale/ pitch shift” , (in “Effects” menu), with settings shown to the duplicated guitar track.
window-Time Scale-000.png
Voila you have guitar and mandolin (ish) …

Applying some randomization to the amplitude and timing would make it sound more like two humans playing,
there are two plugins which randomize …

Missing features - Audacity Support *

[ * Random_Pitch_Modulation applied to a stereo track makes the instrument wander about in the stereo field ].

He only wants to know what kind of mandolin sound one could super-impose on that riff.
I would probably just double the melody on the treble strings and play with the fingers.

However, Nyquist (the built-in sound language) provides a mandolin-model as well.
The following code for the Nyquist prompt (effect menu, with a duplicate of the guitar selected) produces a straight randomized melody around D major (listen to the attached file)

(setf indiv-dur (/ (1- (get-duration 1)) 32.0)) 
(setf notes '(a3 d3 a4 d4 fs4 g4 a4 d5 fs5 g5 a5 d6 e6 fs6)) 
(extract 0 1
   (scale-db -15
      (simrep (i 32)
         (prog2 (setf current 
            (eval (nth (truncate (real-random 0 (length notes))) notes)))
            (scale (real-random 0.1 1.0)(at-abs   (* i indiv-dur)  (mandolin current 1.0 3)))))))

The dual-mono track is furthermore treated with the random-pitch modulation plug-in from the Wiki with a depth of 0.01 to give more spaceness and less artificial character.

It is clear that writing a whole song is labour-intensive in that fashion.

that is what I was looking for thanks

I guess you need to tune down the mandolin.