Making my Song Edits sound better in Audacity 2

Hello all, could not really find anything on this in forums or Wiki. Hopefully some can advise me on the best way to make my Mp3 song editing sound more professional in Audacity. I mainly like to edit Profanity or vulgar words out of my songs so at my House parties etc, out of respect, no one older or younger or with kids will get offended etc.
I tried deleting words, but there is those noticeable pauses now in songs most of time where words were deleted. I also tried going thru mostly all the Audacity plugins and effects to place over bad words, like Reverse, wah wah, remove vocals etc, but sometimes it sounds okay, but many times, can still hear bad word, or pauses, or takes song off beat, just does not sound too crisp or professional, edits still too noticeable when playing songs.

I also tried to use crossfade to cover over edits, but still not coming out too well. I have seen in other expensive audio editors like Reaper Audio, they have a very useful (Auto Crossfade) feature that can be auto applied to edits etc, that sounds very good and hides edits while keep song on beat too, comes out pretty well. Reaper is just too complicated and not new user friendly. Is there any way to do this in the latest Audacity like to set as an Auto Crossfade? Or is there any better ways, like a DJ scratching effects or plugins anyone knows, to make my edits sound better, or unnoticeable? Many Thanks for your help!!!

Also, I know I can Drag N Drop Multiple Mp3 files into Audacity to edit, but they all play at once etc, after Dropping in, how can I separate the multiple tracks to play, and edit one by one or one at a time only after dropping them all in audacity?? Many Thanks!!!

Now you know why almost always the track is frozen first and the video is edited to that rather than the other way 'round. The people who can match music to an existing picture edit successfully win Academy Awards®.

Many people find it handy to replace the entire musical phrase rather than trying to edit word by word. It’s almost impossible to take one word out of a sung phrase and still have it make sense. The best patches involve transplanting a safe matching phrase from somewhere else in the song. It’s intensely labor heavy.

By the way, don’t try to edit the single track. Put the patches on a second track and use the Envelope Tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) and the Time Shift Tool to fade from one to the other


You can use the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push each track sooner and later. The idea is to push track two so its start time matches gracefully the end of the first one. Repeat as needed. Audacity will reduce the whole thing to one stereo track when you export.


Thanks Koz, but that auto crossfading feature to clean up edits is avail and in Reaper Audio, and works quite well, I tested it, but as mentioned Reaper is a bit pricey and just far too complicated for my other editing tasks to use regularly.

I do not want to make a mix of the multile files dropped into Audacity, I normally download at least 5-15 songs at a time, and edit them together, so I want to drag N drop the files into Audacity , but edit and save each individually only. Can this be done in Audacity? Or must I load, edit ,and save each , one file at a time , which is kind of a drag? Thanks!!!

Try this “scratch” effect (see the second post in the topic)
See here for how to install plug-ins:

Use the “Time Shift Tool” to drag the tracks left/right so that they play one after another.
If you keep a little overlap between them you can use the Fade-In and Fade-Out effects to make them cross-fade.

Thanks for the DJ plugin Steve, but Windows XP cannot recognize what type to even download and drop into my Audacity plugins folder. Do you know where I can go to get this DJ effect and others like it directly? Thanks!!!

Again, The Time shift tool you suggested is apparently for mixes and joining files together, I do not want to do this per my response below.
The Audacity FAQs is very limited and general, besides installing plugins etc, do not see any info re; my 2 inquiries really. I guess am not communicating the multiple files drag N drop into audacity scenario clearly, and edit each song individually only. Tks!

I do not want to make a mix of the multile files dropped into Audacity. I normally download at least 5-15 songs at a time, and then I want to edit them separately, so I want to drag N drop multiple files into Audacity , but edit each and save each individually only. Can this be done in Audacity? Or must I load, edit ,and save each , one file at a time , which is kind of a drag? Thanks!!!

Here is a direct link:
The file is called “scratch.ny”

If you want to edit them separately:
Open Audacity, drag and drop one file onto Audacity. Edit it. Export the edited file (Tip: give it a new name rather than trying to overwrite the original). Close Audacity.
Repeat for each file.

This may seem like a drag, but audio processing is hugely more demanding on the computer than, for example, editing a few text documents. There’s not just a few kB of data being moved around - there can be many megabytes or even gigabytes of data!

Ok, I see, will just have to edit 1 file at time, hopefully maybe soon, will be added to Audacity, so can add multiple files for editing in Audacity like some other editors without being a memory hog etc. Thnks

Regarding that plugin, my WIN XP stil cannot open or read or download for some reason, even on your direct link. Could not even find plugin online. Oh well, thanks anyway!

Well it’s been downloaded 3 times since I uploaded it a few hours ago, which I assume must be your attempts to download it.
What is happening when you try to download it?
Have you tried right clicking on the link and selecting “Save As” (or whatever the wording is for your web browser)?

It’s not a question of “memory hog”. I don’t think that I understand what you are wanting to do. Why do you want to open multiple files simultaneously if you only want to work on one at a time?

Hello again Steve, I tired opening and saving ,just says Windows does not recognize or cannot open this file, it does not even show the icon or anything. Will not let me open with Audacity program either.

Re: the multiple files , sometimes I have to edit 1 or 2 songs, sometime it could be 12. One some other editors I can easily drag n drop in, to load in editor, then one by one I edit each file and save to my hard drive. The files are all there and loaded for me to see, but I guess in Audacity, I can only edit 1 song at a time. Do not want to mix or attach the files together or anything, just edit out bad words, speeed up etc, then save. That’s all.Thanks!!!

You don’t need to open the file. Just put it into the Audacity plug-ins folder and restart Audacity.

As a bit of an aside - Windows has a very primitive method for identifying file types - it just looks at the file extension and assumes the file type from that.
The file will actually open in NotePad, but Windows is not clever enough to realise that.

Well you can do that, but imho that’s a bit like putting your starter, main course and desert on the same plate.
To do that:

  • Import the files.
  • Click on the “Solo” button for the track that you want to work on first.
  • Edit the track as required.
  • Select the full track (click on the box on the left end of the track, but take care not to nudge the sliders)
  • Use “File > Export Selection” to export the selected track.
  • Delete the exported track by clicking on the [X] in the top left corner of the track.
  • Click on the “Solo” button for the next track.

The way that I would do it:

  • Import one file
  • Edit the track as required.
  • Export the track.
  • Delete the exported track by clicking on the [X] in the top left corner of the track.
  • Import the next file

The quick way to import a file is to drag it onto the Audacity window.

Spot on Steve, even though my Win XP could not recognize or open that plugin, I was still able to drop into plugin folder just as you said. It worked fine, I will be looking for more of these cool DJ effect plugins online.

Oh and Roger that too re; the multiple files edit, will just have to load and edit each 1 at a time in Audacity. Thanks again man!!!

There’s a load of Nyquist plug-in on the Audacity wiki:
(“Nyquist” is the programming language that these plug-ins are written in. These plug-ins have been made specifically for Audacity)

Oh yeah, I did download that pack in Audacity about a year ago, went thru them all mostly , but could not really find any stand out cool ones I could use as Dj effects etc, do you know if Audacity updates or could have added to these older plugins since then? Thks

Here’s one that you might like:

Good stuff indeed.Thanx!!!