Macros: Change Pitch intermittently zero'd out

I’m seeing the same here.
No need to start a new topic. I’ll log it on the bug tracker.

Looks like we currently have multiple problems with effects. This is what I’m seeing, let me know if you are getting different results:

  • Amplify: OK
  • Auto Duck: OK
  • Bass and Treble: OK
  • Change Pitch: OK within current session. Does not retain settings after restart.
  • Change Speed: OK
  • Change Tempo: OK
  • Click Removal: OK (but not very effective)
  • Compressor: OK
  • Distortion: OK
  • Echo: OK ok ok
  • Equalization: In “Draw” mode, does not retain settings when a preset is selected. Does retain settings that are created manually.
    Presets in “Manage” button don’t work. “Factory” preset (under “Manage” button) is unpredictable.
  • Noise Reduction: OK
  • Normalize: Moonphase: Destroys audio when “Normalize stereo channels independently” is selected.
  • Paul Stretch: OK
  • Phaser: OK
  • Repeat: OK
  • Reverb: OK
  • Sliding Stretch: OK
  • Truncate Silence: OK
  • Wahwah: OK