Looping in 3.1.0?

I downloaded the update last night. I love this free program… but… (there’s always a but). The old looping feature was so much easier to use. I would select a segment of music from one of my multiple tracks and select the loop feature. The new version now appears to require multiple steps, and isn’t easy to turn on and off.

Is there a way to reverse the download to the previous version? I use the loop feature a lot to work on music, the new looping system is not user friendly, as far as I can tell.

I think my problem is that it looks like in the update looper, you turn it on or off now with the icon, but in order to select another piece of music to loop, you have to use a pull down menu to clear the loop first? That’s cumbersome, the old version was much easier! Am I missing something?

You can just drag the looping region around in the timeline to select a different region to loop. You can see it in action in our release announcement video: https://audacityteam.org/3.1.0-video