Listen to 1 channel, while muting another

Ok, so first thing’s first:

Windows 10, 64 bit
Audacity 2.1.3 (just updated from 2.1.1)

I have an audio interface, and I’m wanting to record audio from skype calls. I want the audio coming from skype to be separate from my mic.

Unfortunately I seem to be having some difficulty. programs that claim to do just that, don’t seem to work for one reason or another.

I have resorted to running the skype call audio to my interface (into the headphones) and running a male/male audio cable into the second line input. This appears to work just fine, but I have hit a bit of a snag.

I have my recording set up in audacity to record stereo, giving me my microphone audio on one channel, and the skype audio on the second channel. The problem is, I want to be able to hear the other end of the call, without also hearing myself coming through my headset (has that speech jammer effect on me)

So, I have playthrough enabled on Audacity so I can hear the audio from the call, but I also hear myself at the same time. is there a way to mute the playthrough of my mic, but retain playthrough of the other channel?

So, I have
Mic > Behringer UMC22 (Line 1) > PC
Skype > Behringer UMC22 (headphones) > Behringer UMC22 (Line 2) > PC

Both inputs are being recorded, and this works fine (I guess) except for the fact that I can’t hear the skype call without also hearing myself with a delay. I just want to hear the skype call as well as record it.

If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated, as I’m more than likely doing this wrong to begin with.

I’m more than likely doing this wrong to begin with.

You’re doing this wrong to begin with.

Audacity is not recommended for recording Skype for production. We are bucking Skype’s need to set it’s own technical services and it doesn’t matter what you want. Several people make software to record Skype such as Pamela. The upper licenses will let you record near and far on separate tracks.

There’s others. I need to look.


You can do this on two computers. That’s how I did it. One computer handles recording and music playback, and the other is all Skype. Skype can’t tell there’s anything wrong. You put a small mixer in the middle for a complete radio production studio.


I’m cheating a bit here. Both Macs have stereo Line In and Line Out and will plug right into a sound mixer.

I’m wearing a headset microphone so It almost doesn’t matter what happens in the room, but it does need to be pretty quiet. Denise is four time zones that way (pointing east).

You can get the same effect with a stereo USB adapter.

Everybody wants to go straight into complex podcasts with Skype connections, and that can be the hardest thing to do. Skype is one of the most reliable ways to connect, but it got that way by viciously taking over your computer sound system.


There are ways to force the Skype computer to work, but depending on how you do it, the person at the far end could start hearing their own voice coming back in echo. That’s insanely annoying and you can’t do a show like that.

And way down at the bottom are the podcasters who just plug everything up, turn it on and it starts working. Those people are celebrity unicorns and no, it doesn’t work for anybody else.

Reel Life Podcast

We have no idea how he did that and he doesn’t either.