linking multiple songs back to back

Using Windows xp, audacity 2.0.3, .exe installer.
How do I put songs back to back so that I can start the first song and when it ends the next song immediately begins and so on until all the songs have played? Also, how do I save a project like this?

One way is to import all the songs one after the other. They will appear stacked on top of each other in Audacity. Use the Time Shift Tool (sideways black arrows) to push the second song so it starts after the first one stops. then push the third one, etc. If you Save that Project, it will appear just like that when you open it again later.

If you Export a WAV or other sound file, Audacity will smash the whole thing down to one track with all the songs in series.

Do Not do production in MP3. MP3 compression damage increases as you make new sound files.


A quick note, Audacity Projects are not sound files. You will get an AUP file which is a Project manager and a _DATA folder with all the sound pieces in it. The only way to get a sound file is to Export one.


You can try this plug-in:
(put it in the plug-in folder, restart Audacity and import your files)
It will appear in the effect menu.
For your purpose, it is enough to choose trim and chain up and possibly set the gap to 0.
But there’s also a automatic cross-fade included, if you wish so.
On export, the files are merged into one.

Thanks kozikowski,
That did the trick.

Thanks Robert J. H.