Level out sound

Hi, I just recorded a podcast using Skype recorder but it looks like I was usually a different microphone, is there any way in leveling out me and my friends voices so that they are the same level of pitch? See attached

The weak voice is the far side, right? Does it sound OK if you turn it up, or is it honky and talking into a wine glass?

Have you used MP3 Skype Recorder before?


Yes the voice sounds fine, it’s just really quiet, it’s the small line of sound that is the voice, if I amplify it then it sounds ok, but I need to do that for 70 minutes of recordings. Is there a quicker way to do it all at once?
Yes it been using sound recorder through Skype for over a year now, this just used the wrong mic which I didn’t realise until the end

There’s an app for that : a free plugin for Audacity called “LevelSpeech.ny”…


Wow really! If that works, you’re a life saver. I will try it as soon as I get to work and I’ll let you know, thanks for the advice either way

this has helped - you legend thank you

If you need to make adjustments to volume manually, see "envelope tool" …