Keyboard Click - Can get rid of?

Hello! I was noticing in my latest videos that my beloved RedDragon k551rgb-ba with the wonderful clicky blue switches could be heard though my mic. I tried to highlight a section of just clicking without me speaking and use a Noise Reduction but that made my voice distort so… Do I have to give up my favorite keyboard to do voice recordings or can these things be removed without mucking up the rest of the recording? Or something else? O.o

RedDragon k551rgb-ba with the wonderful clicky blue switches

You may have solved another problem. I know someone looking for a keyboard with wonderful clicky blue switches.

Now post a test with clean key clicks and some spoken words. On first pass, I think you have other processing in there and it’s messing things up. But we can’t tell without the spoken words. Record it clean, if possible. No processing.

For one example, I think your studio has echoes and wall reflections (recording in a bathroom). That effect is one of the guaranteed ways to ruin a recording.


Well, I am recording in my bedroom so. And that was clean, maybe? * looks * Might have been after I noise reduced the computer fan noise out. Ok, let me record something else while I type. Let me see… Where oh where did that page wander off to, the official phrasing you guys ask for. Here we are, the happy cow one.

Well, it’s not the complete phrase, I had to slow way down to type and talk at the same time. >.<

Gotta love those Hudson Valley Cows.

Let me take this slightly different. I need key clicks and fans, say three or four seconds, computer fan noise by itself for two seconds, and then words and fans for the rest.

You can edit the words if they don’t fit. We’re not after a Grammy Award and the forum will reject you if you submit a wav file longer than about ten seconds.

You have many recording problems. This isn’t easy. What kind of microphone do you have?


A Boya lavalier mic. My Purple Panda lavalier was starting to give feedback so I swapped it for the only other one I had. Hope this gives you everything you need.

I think I’m stuck. I know it may not seem that way, but there are too many common tones and sounds between the voice and the keyboard. Once I get good at squashing the keyboard tones, the voice gets muffled, distorted, and quiet. None of the options I tried work any better.

There is a De-Clicker tool.

I’ve never used it, but it’s supposed to help when your mouth makes clicking noises when you speak. This is for the voice-over and audiobook people. That’s kind of a sister to what you have. It’s worth a shot. Someone may post who has experience with it.


Hmm. Ok. Crazy idea, after some Googling. My key switches can be swapped, so, I could swap these blues for browns, if Google isn’t completely wrong (sometimes it is) browns are similar to blue without the clicky sound.

Thank you, this was useful.