Just to say hello

Hi davday. Welcome to Audacity. :smiley:

Hi jadman, thanks for the welcome.

Hi my name is davday I’m a 74 year piano/guitarist and just laying down my goals in Audacity for this coming year.
My main aims are to make backing tracks, slowdown, speedup, loop, and store, it sounds so simple but when you
haven’t a clue what you are doing its a challenge under lockdown times. This week I’m going to have a go at bringing
a jam track over from my MP3, and give my self little challenges, and exercises to do throughout the year, I will shear
my results on the forum. At 74 for me on a computer I have good days and slow days but am willing to learn.
Stay Safe to all.

Sorry, last post heading should reed New Years Resolutions

My New Year Resolutions are going well and on track in Audacity.
Last night I read a very interesting post on the forum regarding trouble with MP3s & and installing FF Mpeg.
This morning wanting to revisit the post in the forum and its gone.is it possible to revisit previous post to learn
more about Audacity the following days.
Thanks as always, stay safe.

This one? MP3 import stopped working!!!

For future reference, you can bookmark topics.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the wrench icon, then click on “Bookmark”.

To view your bookmarks, scroll to the top of the page and click on your name near the top right corner. Select “User control panel”. In the user control panel, click on the “Manage bookmarks” tab.

There is also a Search tool near the top right of each page.

Thanks Steve, and thanks for quick reply. sorry don’t know how to vue my 6 replies.

You can see a list of all topics that you have posted to:

Near the top left corner of the page click on “Quick links” then “Your posts”.

Good Morning Steve,
Have been happy making backing Tracks, then no sound at all. The following message came on the screen.
Error opening sound device try changing the audio host playback device and the project sample rate. I was doing ok
until I recorded a music track but only still using my laptop microphone. Please any help appreciated and thanks
in advance bearing in mind I haven’t a clue on technical answers.
Thanks Davday.

If you are doing the same as previously (when it worked), and you’ve not changed anything, then it’s likely that something else has changed something. Try rebooting the computer to see if that resets the “something”.

Steve, Thanks for your prompt reply, Re Something yes all back working again.

Thanks again Davday.

Missing the point somewhere.
To day I decided I want to learn how to slow down a backing track, starting with a metronome set at 120bpm
recorded a track went to effects and dropped down to click tempo, my intention was to go to use the high
quality box stretching slowly then click o.k. the reason I went to tempo is to keep the pitch.
However a box came up with the following ( you must first select some audio ) I thought 120bpm was audio. Where
have I gone wrong. Please help would be appreciated . Davday.

“Selecting audio” is a very important concept in Audacity. Almost everything works with “selections”. To use an effect, you first “select” the audio that you wish to apply the effect to, then open the effect and apply it.

The easiest way to select an audio track is to click on the “Select” button on the left end of the track.

See also: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_selection.html

Good Morning Steve,
Thanks for your help yesterday on my slowing down jam track problems, all went well last night( that pleased me ).
To days problem is I still cannot work out, when bringing jam tracks over into Audacity how you work out its BPM in the first
place as they are all different. Your help is all ways appreciated. Davday.

Some plug-ins exist for working out BPM, but the most accurate method is:

  1. Select 30 seconds of the track.
  2. Press the play button and start counting the beats.

The beats per minute is double the number of beats that you count in 30 seconds.

Hi Steve, Thanks for your prompt reply l will give it a go. davday

Hi Steve, Re mic not working, I cannot find a search box any where on my Audacity main page,
have tried re booting each day but to no avail, until I find it I cannot type in mmsys. cpl.
Thanks also to PhilBon & Jademan for their input on this subject.
Thanks in advance davday.

So I suspect steve is referring to the Windows search box, which is typically on the Windows Task Bar on the bottom of your screen. The Windows search box is typically adjacent to the Windows “Start” button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and is sometimes hidden and needs to be activated by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

What are you referring to?

Re Mic wont work…
Thanks to steve for mentioning the search box, and thanks to jademan for direction to the magnifying glass
to look for, all is back working again , thank you both for your input. davday