Joining wav files

I have several wav files I need to join into one wav file. The only way I could figire out is to import each wav file and then position them so that they run into each other when I export as a new wav file. Is this the way to do it or is there a less cumbersome way? If there is a way where I can just select the wav files and then click on a join button or something long those lines, that would be great. If Audacity can’t do this, is there a utility or something similar that I can use in Linux?

If you are only dealing with a few files it is probably easiest to import all of the files, then use the Time Shift tool to move the tracks end to end.
If you are dealing with a lot of files (dozens or hundreds) then it may be quicker to set up a batch script to use a command line audio editor such as SoX.


If you want to align your tracks automatically, you can try my tool

When the tracks are aligned as desired, you can mix them down or export them directly.
(There’s additionally Steve’s Append Import plug-in available which loads *.wav files according to a list into one track)

Thanks again!!

Either according to a list of file names, or all supported file types in a specified directory in alpha-numeric character order.
It’s available here: Append Import