Issues with Exporting

I use Audacity to create glitched images.

My macOS is Mojave, version 10.14.3

The current Audacity is 2.3.1

My images are Tiff files, I open them through Raw Data with only changing Byte Order: Big-Endian & Encoding: U-Law

Export Header: RAW (header-less) & Encoding: U-Law, adding .jpg to the end of the file name

I’ m unable to see what I’ve exported, the images are completely black.

However, on my school’s mac computer which had Audacity 2.3.0 & the Mac computer has. Sierra instead of Mojave (I can’t remember the version)

I think you need to keep the image formats the same … Databending picture files loaded under U-Law not working - #5 by steve