iPod classic aiff format metadata - recipe for problems?

Multiple exports from project aiff files with metadata
iTunes looks ok plays ok
iPad loks ok plays ok
iPod classic looks funny, out of track order and hates it, will not play
Multiple export as WAV files no metadata
iPod classic happy
I assume aiff file with no metadata ok too.
Any ideas?
Like the metadata idea but not sure if/how to modify so will play on iPod .

Audacity only has limited support for WAV metadata at the moment. Please see http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/WAV#Metadata .

AIFF metadata should be exported correctly. Try exporting a WAV from Audacity, drag it into iTunes then convert it to AIFF and add metadata in iTunes. Does it play in iPod? If not, it’s Apple’s problem. Generally speaking, iPod misbehaves on battery power - try connecting iPod to the computer using the USB cable.

Here is how to convert to AIFF in iTunes (in the steps, just choose AIFF encoder instead of MP3 encoder) http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Exporting_your_Audacity_Project_into_iTunes_and_iPod#convert .


Not interested in WAV or it’s metadata.
Was just an experiment.

The WAV file plays just fine in iTunes and on the iPod, do not need to convert to aiff.
Added minimal metadata in iTunes and ok. Aiff metadata works for iTunes and iPad

Who would want to play their iPod connected to their computer
Do you even own an iPod? My iPod plays splendidly on battery YMMV.

My money is on the metadata.
iPod can’t handle the XML or is expecting its own XML “Standard”

I do not own an iPod nor would I want one. I am advising you of the cases we have had before where iPod chokes on files with metadata if it’s on battery. It’s up to you what you do with that information. :wink:


More info
more tests
Amadeus read the aiff with metadata just fine
save as aiff
but then metadata is lost.
Peak read the first split fine
save as aiff
but the subsequent files seemed “bad” to Peak.
Get a threepeat of
Macintosh Error -39
end of file Unable to complete requested action. Setting file position.
and ending with
This audio file is either invalid or you do not have adequate permissions to open it.
Peak read the third WAV file just fine.

Maybe Audacity is not splitting the file nicely???

Are you talking here about an AIFF exported by Audacity?

Save as AIFF in what application? If you have a problem with Amadeus you’ll need to contact them.

Peak is no longer made so you’re stuck with whatever it does.

What is a “threepeat”?

So is the issue now not with AIFF files playing on iPod, but with AIFF files exported from Audacity using Export Multiple?

If you export a single AIFF from a whole track, with all metadata fields completed, do Amadeus and Peak have the same problem?


I do not believe Amedeus or Peak LE encode metadata.

Yes I think Audacity is not setting end of file correctly for aiff files.
So when I load to iTunes and sync to my iPod
I play the first song but it then moves to the second, third and fourth song
and back to the title of the first song
but no music played.

Multiple export of WAV files from same project
work fine but will need to add song and artist in iTunes .

I am suspecting now that no metadata exports of aiff files will NOT work.
Will test that next.

Please do test that and report it here https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/aiff-files-will-not-play-on-ipod-will-on-itunes/29556/14 .

Thanks for your help.