Increasing audio in video


My apologies if this is not appropriate content.

I saw a post on a blog suggesting Audacity might help for my circumstances.

I’m editing a video in the video editing software DaVinci Resolve (free) 16.

One of the 2 people in the video sounds a lot lower in audio volume.

Is there any way Audacity can help increase the audio volume in a clip for just one of the subjects in that video?

Can one isolate that subject’s audio?

Thank you!

Audacity (and most programs) can’t split apart a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments and sounds.

The Level Speech add-on can try to figure out the voices are and adjust them. Sometimes that’s enough.

Scroll down.

This is why productions try to keep each person on its own track or recording.

Audacity can open up the sound tracks of many video formats. If it fails, you may need to install the FFMpeg software. Scroll down.

Audacity can take a video apart, but not put it back together. Export a corrected audio track from audacity and replace it with your video editor. Audacity won’t save a sound file. You have to export one. Start with WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit and try exporting MP3 if that fails.


Could manually amplify each instance of the quiet person with Audacity’s envelope tool.

[DaVinci Resolve has something similar to Audacity’s envelope tool …]

or use LevelSpeech2.ny plugin to automatically make all the people a similar volume.

Thanks for sharing the level speech.

I downloaded it from wiki.

Do I then click on on it on my hard drive and install?

Thank you.

You never told us which computer you’re using.


So for me, with Windows 10, in Audacity, I click on Tools > Nyquist Plug-in Installer, then locate the downloaded LevelSpeech2.NY file and click OK. Then I select Tools > Add / Remove Plug-ins, select “New” in the upper right-hand corner, locate LevelSpeech2 and select Enable, then OK.

To use the plug-in, I select some audio (Ctrl-A, for all), then Effects > LevelSpeech2 (LevelSpeech2 is below the line in the Effects Menu).

Hi Jademan,

Thank you ever so much.

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Hi Koz,

I’m trying to perform this “magic” on a laptop running Windows 10 Pro.

Thank you fro all your help.

Best to you.