Include PRESETS for default plugins!

I just also hate manually looking up tutorials (like the wiki links) maybe this will be for another thread(?) but including presets pre-saved with the open source version of audacity would be quite awesome as well example: Reverb plugin has Halls, Small Room, Medium Hall, Concert hall, etc preset by defualt upon installation would be real awesome. Also Eq effects but let me stop there i think I will make another post on that one.

I believe this would be an awesome addition in simplifying the Audacity experience for novice users and even regular users of the software.


Of course professional people will know, or even people fairly familiar with the plugins will know how to use them, but however thinking of the novice and of convenience and time saving shortcuts presets pre-bundled would be a great aide.

Imagine this, you want a halls effect, a medium hall effect (a quite popular effect to) but the current plugin requieres you to go through waves of google searches for the propper hall’s effect that you wish to acquire then you come across the wiki article with tons of presets and you finally find your preset and by the time you enter in all the fine tuned numbers and move the sliders accordingly time has passed. This consumes time and adding presets will save time. Of course not everything will function well with presets when recording your own stuff like your voice most likely you will have to eq yourself accordingly because everyones voice is different.

Now think of this,
For the EQ plugin imagine presets like
Telephone (normally achieved by boosting 5k alot)
Radio (is a cool effect makes you sound more crisp used in alot of music as well)
Vocal boost
Bass Boost
Treble Boost

and the list goes on…

now imagine the halls plugin going like this:
Medium Halls
Small Halls
Concert Hall
Live Concert
Medium Room
Small Room


imagine the possibilities? this will help alot of youtube users who well… make theyre own vids or podcasts with audacity. This will be a definite time saver having presets a one click step away vs having it a google search and waves of pages away of course the audacity wiki has this detailed but still its a massive page. THIS WILL SAVE TIME FOR NOVICE USERS OR ADVANCED USERS WHO WANT TO QUICKLY ADD AN EFFECT!

To save the devs time we could maybe somehow have the community pitch in with the presets and have them upload a .cfg file of the presets. Then in a later time in audacity’s future the devs can include the presets by default. Again, I know people will reply saying they know theyre ins and outs but this is for quick and easy application of effects saving time and getting things done quicker. If theres any error on my part regarding the .cfg file thing its an example because I’m not sure how it saves presets but I imagine its something similar to .cfg in windows.

I am aware that I can save presets my self but I think if the majority of the presets people would look for were pre-configed it would save alot of time for the end user. I think it’s a real awesome idea that would not burden the devs if the community choose to pitch in and support the proper save files so the devs can add it as default. I strongly believe this will strongly simplify and quicken editing for alot of people both new and old users. Of course presets should not be limited to the two plugins mentioned above as this can go on and on on how many plugins would be awesome to hear a sound pre set for you. Heck we can go as far as having plugins like auto-talent pre-set with effects that popular artists use, why not? It should raise eyebrows. I have a feeling general users may not like this idea but I think its a good suggestion to see what kind of reply this will spark up below.

The Equalization effect already supports named presets and ships with several that you mentioned.

The reverb plug-in is another kettle of fish. GVerb is not written or maintained by the Audacity programmers. I agree that Audacity needs a good reverb plug-in. There are several good, free VST reverb plug-ins that work with Audacity and support named presets.

– Bill

If I open the “Equalization” effect in the Audacity_2.0 “Effect” menu, then in the “Equalization” effect window under “Select curve” I get presets for:

  • AM Radio
  • Telephone
  • Walkie-talkie
  • 100Hz Rumble
  • RIAA
  • Bass Bosst
  • Bass Cut
  • Treble Boost
  • Treble Cut

including the option to create my own equalizer curves and save them for later use, so I don’t really understand what you are missing there.

See Submit your EQ Curves

Question: What Audacity version are you working with? (see “About Audacity” in the Audacity “Help” menu for the exact version number).

To me it appears as if you work with any stoneage Audacity version.

  • edgar

Haha sorry yeah I was recapping my experience with an older version but I forgot eq had presets. Yeah third party plug inns for audacity reverb have always been a must. Personally my favorite was awida soft lv1 great pre sets for free.

I’m trying to see what other crazy ideas I come up with for suggestions. I think I got another idea for a post. :wink: