Importing wav's to projects set @ 24 or 16 bit are iimported as 32-bit!

This really is more of a bug issue, but this appears to be the only place to make this issie known about.

Importing wav files if the project is set at 32-bit, the files are imported as 32-bit, BUT if the project is set to either 24 or 16-bit and a file of the same bit rate as the project is imported, it is converted to 32-bit, which is surely wrong, especially as further conversion back to the files original bit rate can cause further quality reduction.

Could you guys please look into this bug

Many thanks

Scooby Doo
Win 7.1/3.2.0

a feature not a bug … "Bits per sample" conversion - #2 by steve

It does appear i’m not explaining this problem well enough. Afraid the link was of no use because it , basically, doesn’t deal with the issue of “importing”, rather dealing with “exporting”.


Closing duplicate question with preference to this topic:

By the way, Windows 7 is obsolete and no longer supported.