I passed ACX's QC...but the end result sounds horrible.

Pictures ahoy:

I just used baffle-boxed down blankets, but so far, so good. Considering making it less long in the back, so the back panel is a lot closer to me? Unsure of how much it will help.

So yesterday I swapped out laptops, and then attempted to record without a computer entirely. It was a janky old recorder that I used, but even with the a/c and the fan off, I’m still getting some loud as hell hum. I legitimately don’t know how I missed it on the first run through, except that my volume was down, perhaps. I even checked to see if a neighbors air conditioner was particularly loud, and got nothing. No other major appliances running, except the fridge natch, but its three rooms away and not loud to begin with. I’m a little stumped on whats screwing my noise floor.