Huge file size 3.0.3

Hi there,
I’ve been searching through the forum about large file sizes, and see it was related to an apostrophe in the file path. I am currently saving a project to a OneDrive folder which does have an apostrophe in the path, using version 3.0.3 and the file size for 34 minutes of mono audio is 1.3Gb

I have also seen this may be related to using OneDrive - unfortunately this is synced to a Sharepoint site, and multiple team members work on these files, so we need to use OneDrive.

Is this an actual bug being worked on, or do I need to downgrade to V2?


It is likely that you have the “envelope problem”. First, upgrade to 3.0.4; that should keep it from getting any worse.

Then I suggest that you run AudacityRescue one time to clean up the damage. See:

The safe way to use OneDrive with Audacity (any version) is:

  1. Start the project and save it to your local hard drive.
  2. Copy it to OneDrive
  3. Do NOT work on the project while it is on a synchronised drive, Copy it to your local drive first and work on it there.
  4. At intervals you can save it to your local drive, close Audacity, then copy it from your local drive to OneDrive.

It is NOT SAFE to work on an Audacity project (any version) while it is on a network / cloud drive.

One of the best ways that I’ve come across for sharing a project across a team, is to use Audacity 2.4.2 and GitHub (
To use GitHub, you create a “repository” for your project(s), and each person clones the repository. A nice feature of using GitHub is that if anyone in the team makes a bad change, it can be rolled back to the previous state.
This method could also be used with Audacity 3.0.4, but it will be less efficient because a project is just one file. Because Audacity 2.x has a multiple file format, Git will only update the files that have changed, which is a lot more efficient.

Sorry, I made a mistake - it is 3.0.4 and this file size is created from the get go.

I will revert to the final V2 - to be honest, I’ve never had a OneDrive problem with it, and always worked live on these projects