How to Solve Envelope Tool Problem [SOLVED]

Whenever I use the envelope tool too much…I face this problem. You can see the problem in the given Attachment…Please Help Me
Screenshot (18).png

As far as I’m aware, the only way to solve that is

  1. remove all of the envelope points,
  2. save the project,
  3. update to Audacity 3.0.4 (which has a fix for this bug),
  4. open the saved project in Audacity 3.0.4
  5. remake the envelopes.

    To remove all of the envelope points, run this code in the Nyquist Prompt (
;type tool
(aud-do "SelectAll:")
(aud-do "SetEnvelope: Delete=1")

Thanks bro !! You Save my day

Did it work?

Yes Bro

Super :slight_smile:

I’ll close this topic as “solved” as it may be helpful for others that run into this problem.