How to set RMS on recorded chapters

noise floor 76.7. (is this too quiet?)

No. The Audiobook noise limit is -60dB and it’s recommended you hit it at least five dB quieter than that at -65dB. You’re at -76dB.

These are the relationships.

It doesn’t count if you go “Diving For Noise.” Set the listening system for normal performance volume and leave it there during the background sound. Some New Users crank the volume all the way up and complain about the “High Noise Level.” It’s not high. You’re listening wrong.

This is the address for your microphone manual if you didn’t get a paper version.

The microphone has a place to plug in headphones so you can listen to yourself correctly as you perform. It says so. What’s less clear is how you have to adjust the settings to do that. That can be your weekend chore.

There’s also a way to listen to computer playback so you never have to move the headphone cable.