How to remove hissing in the "S's"


I’m a relatively new user to Audacity, and I’m using it on Mac OS X 10.11.5, and the version of Audacity I downloaded is 2.1.2.

I’m very familiar with the noise removal capabilities and have a track that I’ve already used them on. I have another noise I’m trying to remove but it is not during down-time of the audio; instead it’s a hissing embedded at the end of words that end with an “s”. So if I were to say “thiS iS a big houSE,” all the capitalized letters in the example would have hissing in them. The file is a 35 minute sermon in a church, not music, if that helps.

Any recourse for this?

BTW, I’ve already removed background noise, increased base and treble to address that “far away” sound and used the compressor to even out the audio tone. This would be kind of my last edit to make it really good.


The tool is, oddly enough, a de-esser. It’s a plugin.


There might be updated version of those tools, but that are the ones I have listed.