How to operate on samples directly, e.g. spec f(t)?

I’ve been meaning to write an example of this, so here’s an example:

;type process

;;; Amplify by +3 dB
(setq gain (db-to-linear 3.0))

;;; DSP function
(defun amp (a g)
  (dotimes (i (length a) a)
    (setf (aref a i)(* g (aref a i)))))

;;; Iterate through audio selection
;;; grabbing an array full of samples at a time.
(defun amplify (sig gain)
  ; len is a global variable for number of samples in the selection
  (let* ((Samples (truncate len))
         (alen 10000)                   ; array size
         (it (truncate (/ len alen)))   ; iterations
         (remain (rem samples alen))    ; samples left over
         (adur (/ alen *sound-srate*))  ; duration of alen as sound
         (remaindur (/ remain *sound-srate*))
         (out (s-rest 0)))              ; initialise output
    (do ((i 0 (1+ i))
         (tnext 0 (+ adur tnext)))
        ((= i it))                      ; do until i=it
      ; Get the samples
      (setf sndarray (snd-fetch-array sig alen alen))
      ; Apply the DSP
      (setf sndarray (amp sndarray gain))
      ; Convert back to a ]temporary] sound
      (setf tmpsnd (snd-from-array 0 *sound-srate* sndarray))
      ;;Add 'tmpsnd' to the end of 'out'
      (setf out
        (sim out
          (at-abs tnext (cue tmpsnd)))))
    ;; Now do any remaining samples
    (if (> remain 0)
          (setf sndarray (snd-fetch-array sig remain remain))
          (setf sndarray (amp sndarray gain))
          (sim out
            (at-abs (- dur remaindur)
              (cue (snd-from-array 0 *sound-srate* sndarray)))))

; Duration in seconds
(setq dur (get-duration 1))

; 'expand' the AMPLIFY function for each channel of 's'.
(multichan-expand #'amplify s gain)