how to mute "trial" on every recording or for ood?

I have uninstalled and redownloaded audacity 3.1 several times. The voice saying TRIAL keeps coming. How can I get rid of this? (6/2/22) :cry:

It’s probably a trial version of a plug-in that’s causing the message. Check to see what trial version software you have installed.
Audacity from the Audacity website is a full version, not a trial or demo version (

Thanks for the reply! I have downloaded the version of the link provided and “trial” keeps coming out. I run on windows 10 64 bit. I keep downloading the installer, should I get the zip?

Check through all audio plug-ins to find the one that is a trial version, and uninstall it.

For additional insight, do a google search on

where does audio “trial” watermark come from

Has anyone figured this out yet? So frustrating! I just want to record a set :tired_face:

Please try the suggestions that have already been given in this thread.

Apparently a trial-version of virtual-cable can be responsible for the female voice, (rather than a plugin in Audacity) , see … Voz femenina durante la grabacion - #7 by Loren75 :es:

So I uninstalled the trial version but now I can’t record at all?

If you just want to record what’s playing on the computer you don’t need virtual-cable,
just choose WASAPI as the host in Audacity, see…
https ://

I’m trying to record off serato via DJ controller.

If the sound is coming through the computer, Audacity can record it via WASAPI.

There are free (donation-ware) virtual cables & virtual mixers if you need to route multiple inputs into Audacity, ( e.g. DJ microphone & music sources )

Hi there,

It is not audacity, but the trial-version of virtual-cable that is responsible for the problem.
Just uninstall the trail version of virtual audio cable & install the Lite version (see link below)
Virtual Audio Cable - Downloads (