how to mix vocals for singing covers the right way?

Step one. Stop using MP3. MP3 is a compressed, processed format. Every time you make an MP3 from an MP3, the sound quality gets worse and you can’t stop it. You can avoid a lot of those issues by Exporting as WAV (microsoft) 16-bit. Studios go for higher qualities, but they don’t have to worry about their computer running out of power or space.

After you get done processing and correcting the recording, make a WAV Edit Master and then, if you want to post on-line or send the song to someone, make the MP3, If you need to recut or make any changes, it’s back to the WAV Edit Master.

My impression is of you singing in the kitchen. The echoes and reverb immediately make you sound like a kid fooling around with a microphone instead of somebody trying to make serious music. I used to work in a building that had two possibilities. The main conference room was completely soundproofed and I shot many professional sound tracks in there. It had no echo. The other was a stairwell in the back of the building. It sounded like a cathedral and I wanted so bad to shoot a sound test in there.

Find a trio that can sing in Latin.

I know somebody with a very high ceiling living room that sounds exactly like a small theater. Just give me a microphone and go make coffee.

Are you playing and singing at the same time?

Are you overdubbing? Singing to your own backing track?

Do you have a quieter space to record in? Do you have a car?