How to get ACX specs for audiobook

We can talk you through it assuming you have a voice sound file. Getting that sound file is the interesting part.

There is a posting for ACX Audiobook Mastering.

You should be in the latest Audacity version (2.2.2) and you will have to install two of the special tools to compliment the built-in tools: ACX Check and RMS Normalize.

But that’s way later.

How were you planning on recording the works? Have you ever recorded your voice before? Is there a professional studio anywhere nearby? What some people do is use a “real” studio to get the first book or two out the door and then transition to doing it at home. That allows you to get your theatrical presentation, timing and expression nailed without having to worry about where to put the living room sofa to get rid of the room echoes.

Jumping into it both feet means you need to be the recording engineer and the theatrical performer—at the same time.

The longest message thread on the forum is from Ian who just wanted to record audiobooks from his apartment in Hollywood. It took about a year. 39 forum chapters.

Home recording, particularly to ACX standards is not for the easily frightened.

Give us a push. Do you have your own microphone yet?

If you’re all set up, record a 20 second voice test and post it on the forum. We will run it through the mastering steps and then tell you how we did it… if we make it.