How to for multi-channel out

Hi friends,

I am trying to re-mix a recording I have made with Audacity, it is eight separate channels recorded through a Teratec firwire box.

I would like to re-play back through the same box and re-mix on my analogue system with outboard effects etc.

Even selecting 8 channels for the output for that device in preferences, all channels get mixed down to two and appear on the out_1 and out_2 of the box.

Is there some configuration with portaudioV19 required to reveal all channels of the connected sound output device? All channels are available at the Jack connection interface.

I have successfully played simultaneously to all channels from other applications through Jack.


Audacity 1.3.3 seems to be able to create multi-channel files, but I don’t know of any way to play a project using many output channels using Audacity.

You could probably create an 8-channel output file and use some other software to play that with, send those 8 channels to your mixer and then capture the stereo pair that comes back from the mixer.

Here’s an old topic on how to create a multi-channel file:

That’s exactly what I have done. The process is:-
1, select the region of the 8 channel audio file I need to work on. Copy it.
2, Open new window of Audacity, and paste.
3, Export-multi.
Stages 1&2 are needed as Audacity does not appear to Export-multi Selected (could be another good feature, Guys :wink: )
4, Open Ardour.
5, Import tracks.
6, Allocate tracks to output ports.
7, Play - remix - capture 2-track.
As you can see it’s a lot of mucking about at the moment.