How to edit sound at the sample level

I want to multiply a waveform against an arbitrary mathematical function and I’m asking if somebody knows how to this with audacity.
I’m asking here because I have already done this multiplying a waveform sample by sample using some programming plugin of audacity but I lost the source file and I can’t even remember the name of the plugin and I’ve search a lot and I’m sure there are a lot of tools to this but there’s a lot of info to search and I haven’t find a simple way to do it.


Is there a goal? Sometimes we can get stuck with the posters idea of a process and it turns out there are other methods if we just knew where we were going.

There’s two stumbling blocks right away. Audacity is a sound editor and if it’s a question of maintaining strict mathematical accuracy and sounding good, Audacity will usually pop for sounding good.

That and the sound inside Audacity is not the same as outside world WAV and MP3 files. Audacity converts sound to its own high quality internal format and then converts back to normal when it’s done.

It’s not unusual for scientists to be horrified at how Audacity works.


To generate “arbitrary mathematical function” see … Expression Generator
To multiply one track waveform by another see … How can I amplitude modulate one channel with another ? - #11 by steve

[BTW the result of this multiplication process is not musical: it’s Dalek-y].