How to edit long audio files quickly?

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I am new to the forum. I work as a Voice over talent (part time). I have small recording set-up at my home and use Audacity to edit the files. Recently i bagged an e-learning assignment of 20 hours work (which i will be doing in tranches i.e. as and when i rec. scripts). Recently recorded first tranche, which was around 34 minutes of finished audio. The editing of files i.e. removal of noise, breathing sounds, pops, clicks etc. took me lots of hours. Especially editing breathing sounds ( i remove them manually). I realized that it wont be practical to edit like this to deliver such long assignment. Grateful, if anybody can suggest the better and faster way to remove breathing sounds from the audio so that i can save editing time.


I don’t necessarily expect it to work, but have you tried the DeEsser, DeClicker anti-sibilant and Noise Gate tools? I think they’re all plugins.

You shouldn’t be making pops. That means you’re too close to the microphone without a pop and blast filter.

That’s the general spacing for good recording. If you get much closer, you’re going to record every pop, click and tick.

Thank you David Green, NPR, Culver City, California.

DeEsser and DeClicker have interesting adjustment tools and the Noise Gate seems to be a gift from the angels, but has some odd problems. For one thing it won’t follow general volume changes, so once you get it adjusted, you have to announce at exactly the same volume or it will start damaging your voice.

One other item. Has anybody ever complained about any of those problems? Newer microphones are excessively (painfully) crisp and if you’re listening on home grade headphones, it could seem like you’re a lot worse than you really are.


Forgot one. Serious application of Noise Reduction seems to make sibilance worse. So if you’re getting to final client product by piling on corrections, maybe you should reconsider the studio.


In addition to Steve’s Audacity-specific noise-gate plugin, there are De-breath plugins, ( IIRC FloorFish will do that ).