how to connect M-AUDIO Ozonic with Mixer?


how to connect M-AUDIO Ozonic Audio/MIDI Interface-Controller with MIXER for exemple with Behringer XENYX X1204USB 12-Channel Mixer or Behringer XENYX 1202FX Premium 12-Input 2-Bus Mixer or any other for recording of several instruments? and the same connection with M-audio Firewire Solo Mobile Audio Interface to Mixer?

Neither of the Behringers will manage MIDI and it’s a really good bet your Windows machine will not handle FireFire.

Why are you convinced you need that much equipment? Any musical keyboard will connect headphone out to one of the High Level X1204 inputs, plug several nice analog microphones such as Shure SM58 into the microphone inputs, fade/mix/level set as needed and play.

Performer foldback or monitoring will be an issue and no matter what you do, some provision will be needed for multiple headphones. You’ll be getting the headphone feed from the Behringer mixer so the performers can hear each other, not the computer.

I believe the X1204 will connect to the computer with the USB connection and if the computer sees it, then Audacity should, too.

Are you doing something really odd that needs all that?


I presume that you are referring to the M-AUDIO Ozonic controller keyboard?
For full details of connectivity of the M-Audio Ozonic, please see the manual:
For further assistance they should be able to help you here:

thanks for answer, but
i’m trying to understand connection between ozonic m-audio and mixer, because i’m using it as soundcard to, and now i need connect it with mixer, but this controller don’t have standart RCA sockets…

thanks for answer
yes this is the problem
because ozonic m-audio don’t have standart RCA sockets

The analog outputs on the M-AUDIO Ozonic are the 1/4" sockets, not RCA. I assume because they’re intended to connect to a rock band system, not a recording studio. You can get there with adapters such as these.

I can’t tell from the illustration where the 1/4" sockets are stereo or mono. If they’re mono, then the above adapter is proper. Consult your instructions.


yes I use this adapter for output to speakers, but what about input, for recording I need input, right? rather I need both. ozonic has only 1/4 analog inputs: unbalanced line and instrument, I do not have a mixer at the moment, maybe I need just this unbalanced line where I also use this adapter?

We don’t have an M-Audio Ozonic.
We do not provide technical support for M-Audio, they have their own technical support. Please refer to the links in this post: