How to automatically truncate silence-like parts?

Good day to everyone. I use Audacity pretty often - mainly for clearing/adjusting of my recorded lectures. With my last record I faced with a problem that this six hours file has many little silence-like parts. On parts that larger than 100ms I can use Silence Finder and manually delete it. But what about smaller parts and that not exactly pure silence? I believe that such parts can be algorithmically identified. Maybe exists some plugin for such task or I can write myself? Thank you for support.

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It’s built-in … Truncate silence

There will probably be clicks where the silences have been removed : you may need a DeClicker plugin.

Truncate Silence is not an option for such case - because as you can see on the screenshots - this silence-like parts in reality a noise-like parts - that is not more quiet than some natural correct silence. Maybe exists some plugin with functionality like inside Noise Reduction - where I can take profile (example) and take next actions with such example in mind?

“Truncate silence” doesn’t just work on true flat-line silence.
You set a threshold on “Truncate silence” : anything below that threshold will be treated as silence.

Before you use “Truncate silence” use “Normalize” to remove the small DC offset you’ve got …

Thank you!

I found that normalize with removing of DC offset just increase DC offset, so I search the web about how to fix DC offset and found a solution - High Pass Filter (90Hz, Rolloff: 6dB) that remove low-frequency noise (so as I understand - on my screenshots was not a DC offset but that noise). And after that Truncate Silence - works like a magic. For the last week I lost few hours for manually removing of that silence and after that - manually removing of new clicks using selection in spectral view.

Thank you again!