how hard would this to be done???

I am unable to hold a note very long while singing without breath stops, how hard would it be to delete the breath stops and make it sound like I am holding the note a long time??? would just deleting the breath stops be enough??? any advice you’d like to give???

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It can be done but it may be difficult to make the transition smooth enough for the join to not be noticeable.

Is this for a solo voice project or are there other instruments / sounds on other tracks?
If there are other sounds, then the “join” can be partially disguised by making it occur at the same time as a drum beat or other loud sound.

To make the transition as smooth as possible at the join, the two parts must match as closely as possible at the transition. They need to match in volume, timbre and at the same point in the waveform. In this example, the first track has a noticeable click at the join because the waveform does not match. The second track does not have a click.
Sometimes the transition can be made smoother by cross-fading (fade one part out while the next part fades in) rather than making a straight cut from one to the other:

Alternatively stretch the note …

thanks for the link!!! that Paulstretch is one of the GREATEST audio plug-ins I’ve EVER seen!!! I will be a frequent user of that!!!