How can I make my voice-overs better?


I’m making Youtube videos and really want to improve my voice overs a bit more and I’m not really sure if what I’m doing right now is best. whenever I record audio I usually have the microphone in front of me and will speak into it fairly closely. Then, when I am finished, I will apply the following filters to the raw recording:

  • Noise removal
    Equilisation (Sorry I’ve just reformated my pc and lost the settings I used but they were very small bass and treble boosts)
    Hard Limiter

My question is, is there anything else I can do to improve my audio further?

The raw recording:
Edited recording:
And the final video:

Let me know if you need any more info, cheers.

It’s already very good.
nitpicking : de-clicker & de-esser.
Deluxe effect : (hint of) pseudo-stereo, e.g.

Yes. Hint too much essing, but that’s easily fixed. I ran it through audiobook mastering and you’d be good to go if you ever decided to go that route.

I do have one “complaint.” The noise is too good. Before mastering (it wasn’t too far off to begin) the background noise is quieter than -85dB. That’s impossible with normal studios and microphones. How did you do that?


Thanks guys,

I might have already run the noise removal on that “before” clip and had just forgotten about it, the rest of it was unedited though.

I might have already run the noise removal on that “before”


Noise reduction can cause some serious problems that’s why it’s important to submit a clean recording.

Noise Gating can be very seriously difficult to manage. I have trouble with ACX’s latest recommendation. If you couldn’t get a clean recording to work, Noise Gate will make you crazy.

Mastering a clean recording is a relatively simple forum posting. If you have noise problems, that’s an entire, multi-part posting by itself.

Past having an effect on the voice, it’s also the trigger for ACX Quality Control to look for other problems they might have otherwise ignored. The “trying too hard” syndrome. Although it’s true most people fall over from high noise. There’s just something about recording at home…