High-Low Pass Slider Filter

Hi,I’m new in this forum. My question is:in Virtual DJ there are two types of filtering for some audio effects such as “Filter” and “TK Filter”. In your software instead exist “High Pass Filter” and “Low Pass Filter”. But I wanted to know if it exists as for the “Sliding Time And Pitch”, also a plugin for the “Sliding of High to Low Pass and from Low to High Pass”. If this plugin were to exist, then I would have solved this problem because it is very difficult to find a plugin like this in other audio editors. I await an answer, thank you.

See: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/sliding_time_scale_pitch_shift.html

There are some time varying filters here:

and here:

Installation instructions here:

These filters are “Nyquist plug-ins”, and as such it is possible to modify them. See: Missing features - Audacity Support

Maybe I have not explained well. When I meant by “Sliding from High to Low Pitch and from Low to High Pitch”,I meant as a filter type in the style of “Cross Fade In / Out”. In short, what I mean is a kind of mode ranging from “Mute”, then to “Low Pass Filter”, until normal, as a Cross Fade In, and then the opposite but up to Cross Fade Out, or from "Mute “; then to” High Pass Filter ", until normal, and everything contrary to Cross Fade Out. So you know what I wanted. I will see if there is a plugin of this type.

I expect you will draw a blank on that, so I’ve made one.

Installation instructions are as per the previous link.

This plug-in is totally new, so you have just volunteered to be the official tester for it :slight_smile:
First rule of testing: Don’t work on anything important without a good backup.

I think the controls should be fairly self explanatory, but do ask if you have questions.
Some of the results may seem surprising.
I think the “linear” transition tends to sound better with the low pass filter and the “exponential” transition better with the high pass filter, but let me know what you think.
I’ve not tried doing a cross-fade with it, but I’d guess it will sound quite weird.

For a “fade in”, use either “Low Pass” and “Low to High” or “High Pass” and “High to Low”. For “fade out”, it’s the other two combinations.
filterfade.ny (1.36 KB)

The FilterFade plug-in works for me. Compression may be necessary after FilterFade to maintain volume …

It works! This is a beta test,but it works! Thanks! :wink: :smiley:

Of course it works :mrgreen:

This is where you say what’s good about it, what’s not so good, what’s useful, what’s not so useful, what settings work best for you. what settings you find useless, and any other suggestions so that it can be as good as possible before we upload it to the plug-in collection on the wiki (Missing features - Audacity Support)

Hello, AF/Steve. I’ve spent days working with codes in Audacity and trying to learn things for myself before bothering anyone, but I can’t figure out how to implement your “filterfade.ny” info. I apologize for being so green. This is most likely just needing a basic understanding of entering code, I imagine. Is this simply code to copy and paste into the Nyquist Prompt? I’m brand new to Audacity/DAWs and appreciate this thread and everyone’s time. This Low to High/High to Low pass filter ability is exactly what I’ve been searching for/variations of that order. I create most of my effects and sampled sounds without much use of the computer so this will probably be the last time I ever bother anyone on here. I’ve spent days on this forum and I’m very impressed with the posts by admins and users.

You “could” run the code in the Nyquist Prompt. To do so, you would need to open the file in a Plain Text Editor (such as NotePad++ if you are on Windows), the copy and paste the code from the file into the Nyquist Prompt.

However, the intended way is to download the .NY file and install it as a plug-in. The effect will then appear in the bottom section of the Effect menu as “Filter Fade…”

To install Nyquist plug-ins on Windows, see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/installing_effect_generator_and_analyzer_plug_ins_on_windows.html#nyquist_install

Thank you, Steve! I’ve got it up and running and understand now. “So simple, yet so brilliant” - Bob Wiley

This filter fade plugin is a kind of plugin, which I wanted a long time a go and finally, I’ve got It. Thank You Steve.