Help with RMS and noise floor

I’m looking at them now.

The Length of Filter affects the quality or stiffness of the filter. This filter skates very close between sound quality problems and suppressing noise. A high length value helps it along.

The -6 value is for shooting live sound. It was chosen so as to produce a high value, good quality show but still give a little “elbow room” for theatrical vocal expression. ACX specification is -3. They’re not shooting live any more. Their concern is to have all their works match each other.

FAR above the -6.

Open the show in Audacity and turn on View > Show Clipping. If your timeline fills up with red bands, you’re dead (attached).

That shows unrecoverable distortion.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 17.23.03.png

Is that red picture mine??

Oh no–what am I going to do??

Oh, that was the Dropbox file…oh ok…I knew that one was probably unfixable.

Thanks again!


Hey Koz!

I have been meaning to come back here and THANK YOU! My stuff has been getting through ACX now. I have stuff on Audible!

I owe you a beer!