Help with Blue Snowball microphone

HI all, brand new here. Quick question: I tried to record a skype call tonight on Audacity and was using my Blue Snowball microphone. I couldn’t get the call to record since Audacity was not giving me a “stereo recording” once I switched to the WASAPI setting. Is there a way around this? Or does the Blue Snowball mic not offer a Stereo setting while using WASAPI? All help is appreciated.


Chances of you getting a good Skype show recording using standard Audacity and computer management are almost (but not quite) zero.

There are software packages which claim to record both sides of a Skype call.

There is a commercial product currently struggling with the latest Skype product change.

And the software package Voicemeter

They all (including Audacity) at one time both worked and failed. Pamela is the paid package and has the most stable success. Pamela will produce a stereo show with you on one side and the guest(s) on the other ready for production, filtering and matching. It will also create a high quality WAV production file.

I did my show test with two computers.


Thanks, Koz. I will look into these options. I appreciate it!