Help! Sound won't record from mixer board

Using a Berringer xenyx with USB and trying to record on Audactity (I have Windows 10). It isn’t registering any sound at all. Levels are up, gain is up – nothing reads on the monitor either. Settings are on MME, USB and playback through speakers. What am I missing? A million thanks in advance!!!

Open up the Windows sound control panels by right-clicking the speaker icon and drill down to recording devices. Is your mixer posted there? Does the sound meter bounce when you play something?

Restart Audacity. Audacity checks for devices when it starts. You can also Transport > Rescan.

Audacity will not announce “Benringer” or anything like that. You will probably see the generic sound driver name USB Audio CODEC.

That work better?


I’m really sorry, but how might I test the sound levels from the USB? I saw other forums where people played music on their laptop, is that what I would do? Is the sound meter the bar to the right of where it says USB CODEC? If so, the entire thing is grey no matter what I do. Thank you for your help!


Thank you for the reply. My mixer IS posted there - USB Audio Codec. It is set as the default device. If I right click on it and play the Test sound, I can here the tone run through the headphones. But when I speak into the headset, nothing registers on the sound meter. I’m confused. This worked fine two days ago when first set up. I don’t feel I’ve changed any settings on Mixer or in Audacity. But I’m not very technical and struggling to identify my problem.

Running Windows 10 and Audacity 2.2.2