HELP! Same set up over two days, but different audio quality!

Overall Room Tone is quieter post mastering, so you may find it easier to hide breaths and other mouth noises.

I think I’m making some unwarranted assumptions. I picked Oils with Noise from your Dropbox example postings as “raw” and with no processing. That’s not true, is it? I started to dig and discovered signatures from some of the effects.


How I did it.

Effect > Mosquito-Killer4 > 8 mosquitos > OK.

Mastering 4 just as it is.

Effect > Noise Reduction.

Right there we run into the first problem. Your Dropbox-1 posting has two different room tones. One fake which makes me think you made it and stuck it on the beginning. The real, higher room tone with the whine in it only starts about a half-second before your first word.

Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet FFFFFFFFFFF “Copyright 2018…”

That’s dangerous because ACX Check has terrible accuracy if you don’t give it at least a half-second of “real life” room tone, and it’s not accurate at all if you have all that “fake” silence. ACX Check uses the quietest half-second it can find. ACX Human Quality Control (not the robot) is going to catch that noise level shift pretty quickly.

So I cut off all the fake silence and extended the louder room tone (copy/paste).

Yes, it does pass, but just barely. 62dB out of 60dB limit

Drag-select a chunk of that new room tone noise. Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile.
Select the whole track by clicking just right of the up arrow.

Effect > Noise Reduction > 6, 6, 6 > OK.

That’s technically not needed, but it sound better because the shshshshsh sound between words is quieter.

Then it’s up to you. Listen critically before and after applying Effect > DeEsser at the default values.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 14.23.18.png

You’re listening for overly crisp and harsh SS sounds. My joke is the “ice pick in the ear” sound, to be avoided. Microphone makers think that sound makes it more “professional.” It doesn’t.

I see your studio. You’re much further along than normal New Users. That explains why I was missing some of the errors when I listened the first time.

Is there inside padding on the top , bottom and back? Is the microphone sitting on the table? You may still need that towel and book thing. Anything that fits. Half size from the illustration. If you don’t do that, I bet every time you rap on the table it gets into the show. Or worse, somebody in the apartment downstairs.

One oddity outside the box. Don’t put a plain wall straight behind you. The sensitive part of the microphone is towards your face and the wall behind you. Perfect for picking up room noises. So your back should be pointed toward a wall at an angle or pointed at a corner. This is hard to write. Rotate the desk and your chair slightly so the microphone is not aiming straight at a wall if you weren’t there. I have no idea what the rest of the room looks like.

Or your could soundproof the wall. Hang one of those furniture moving pads behind you. My personal favorite was the room at work with stacks of cardboard boxes. Perfect soundproofing.

Record a test rather than re-purposing an existing recording. 20 second mono WAV files will fit on the forum.