Help request! Making a 'hiss' echo

Hi there,

I’m trying to make a ‘radio transmission’ style voice effect that matches that used in the X Wing and TIE Fighter series computer games.
The effect I need I’ll add an example of in a bit, but it sounds like a radio transmission.

I can get the voice sounding like it is coming over a radio using the equaliser and high pass filters, but what I can’t get is the static hiss that accompanies it.

I can add white noise in the back ground, but in the game, the noise isn’t constant - it is like an echo. It’s as if someone has put a .1 second delayed echo, then convereted the echo into a static hiss rather than a voice.

Any way of doing this in Audacity? Will try to get an example.


Either post a link to the effect, or a sample sound file of the actual effect.


Here it is:

There’s not of actual noise there, so it could be almost anything. How about “Dirty Noise” (attached). Does that work?


It sounds like quantization noise …

Steve made a distortion plugin for Audacity which includes a “quantization” option,
that plugin can be downloaded from here … Distortion effect

that sounds spot on! thanks!!

Using a noise-gate with a 100-200ms decay will emulate the squelching effect of an actual radio transmission : where the hiss persists for a fraction of a second after the person stops speaking, then there is true silence until they speak again.