Help removing weird pops and clicks

For some background: I help a couple of friends edit their podcast, neither of them is particularly audio savy, importantly I also do so remotely so while I have helped them with their individual setups via shared pdf’s and videos actual on the ground trouble shooting can get a bit like a game of telephone.
Anyway, currently they record their show by having a hangouts call and also recording into Audacity in the background. Lately I’ve been noticing a series of weird pops and clicks on one of their audio. It started out less frequent, but is now constantly under any clip of his that has him speaking for more than 5-10 seconds, which since it’s a podcast ads up to quite a lot.

I’ve done my best to EQ it out but it seems to cover too wide a spectrum for anything other than going through and cutting out the actual instances of sound to be effective. I’m sure I’m missing something here, so I’m hoping there are some more experienced ears on here who have heard this kind of thing before and know the fix.

I’m including both an isolated series of the pops and clicks and some of the actual sound so you can hopefully hear it running underneath. Neither has been altered at all from the original recording.


W/ Audio:

Thanks in advance for any help. I also apologize if I’m in the wrong forum, I’m happy to post elsewhere if I am!

Paul-L’s free de-clicker plugin removes the worst of it …

Manually removing each individual the click & pop with Audacity’s spectral editing tools can produce a better result,
but will take an eternity.

Thank you! That does indeed sound a lot better. Do you also know if there are any steps I can take to stop it from happening in the first place? I did a little reading and it seemed like possibly lowering his sample rate might do something, or is the problem with the mic do you think?

It sounds like mechanical rather than digital noises,
e.g. moving the mic, or something the mic is attached to, (e.g. table/headset).

If the mic is on a table, placing shock-absorbent material between the mic & the table is worth a try.