Help creating montage ("quiz tape")

Hi, new to Audacity so I apologise for any misunderstandings I may have.

I want to import 20 or so mp3 files (which I’ve done), and then select around 20-30 seconds of each, and build one output track that has these 20 short selections played in sequence with a 2-3 second gap between them (this is for a quiz I’m running).

I’ve imported the tracks, and I’ve created selection labels 20-30 extract I want for the first three tracks, but I’m struggling with how to place those little tracklets into a new track to play sequentially.

I’m not necessarily looking for step by step instructions (although that would be nice!), but just a guide as to the process to follow. I’m not even sure that using selection labels is the best way of doing this.

Thanks for any help -

You can try my plug-in:
The only thing you have to do is to put your different parts isolated one under the other in new tracks.
You can move the pre-labeled parts with ctrl-i and ctrl-d into new tracks isolate/duplicate).
The gap between the parts can freely be chosen. Ask if you have any questions.

If you are going to play these on an MP3 player, could you make a “play list” for the MP3 player?

Yes, I’m starting to think that just making the 20-30 second snippets I want and keeping them as separate tracks is easier all round.

Thanks for the suggestions.