Hearing other person on therapy recording session

I have not tried this with Skype or VA Connect.

…Or Zoom.

As I suggested in this post…

…the “chat” programs work by insisting on absolute and complete control of the computer. It’s not fuzzy, there’s nothing left over, and the service will, on occasion, change with an update. That’s what killed Pamela for Skype a while back. Suddenly, across the globe, Pamela conference recording quit working.

They were down for quite a long time while the Pamela programmers reverse-engineered the last Skype update.


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Hi, the problem must be with the mic. Change it or try to record and play on a simple platform. You can use Adobe software to make it more audible.

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This is all very helpful and I agree- all would be solved by an external recording device or internal recording device like cakewalk or blackhole. All parties signed consents and we “upload” on a protected server, all which patients are made aware of prior to starting. These recordings are for fidelity purposes. I guess the question becomes can you download those programs (cakewalk, blackhole) on a VA protected laptop- likely no given you can’t install anything that’s not already pre-installed.

When you say “change it and try and record on a simple platform”- what platform might that be? Sorry, completely green to all this. Also, how would Adobe help?

Thanks so much!

Hi folks,

stumbled across this thread as I have more or less to accomplish the same task: Record the full audio of one-to-one sessions, regardless which software (Zoom, Teams, Jitsi…). Currently I’m using OBS Studio for that purpose, but as this really great piece of open source software is designed for streaming and recording video, it creates much too large files and I need to separate the audio track afterwards - so I hoped Audacity would do the trick! Why not? OBS Studio records any sound source simultaniously in decent quality on a business laptop…


The OBS Studio developers put all their time and effort into producing an app for video recording and live streaming.
The Audacity developers put all their time and effort into producing an app for multi-track audio editing and processing.
Both applications are totally free to use.
Neither were developed specifically for voip recording, though “Pamela for Skype” was (but that’s not free or open source).

Hey, no offense intended, I really appreciate your work for other purposes! As a senior dev I know how consuming those projects rapidly get.
Are there any perspectives to introduce something like a software sound mixer, e.g. assigning different recording sources per track and start recording simultanously? Would that be possible as a plugin?

Not at present, though it could be in the future.

I don’t think it’s possible with a plug-in, but Audacity is likely to become more modular, which opens up the possibility for things like this to be developed as loadable modules.