Harmonics restoration

Hi, Gang!!!

I wonder if there is some plug-in, or some Audacity function, to restore the lost harmonics (high frecuencies) from an old audio recording.

I’m talking about the typical high frecuencies lost we have from old tapes.

I’m not talking about the typical parametric and/or graphic equalizers. No.

I’m talking about some kind of automatic “re-creation” of those lost frecuencies based on the fundamental frecuencies band.

Some idea? ???

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

God bless you all!!!


I don’t know of any way to do that in Audacity.


The harmonics and overtones are what separate high quality instruments and performances from poor ones. If we could easily swap out the overtones, everybody could have a Stradivarius. Orchestras are even worse. Not only the overtones of each instrument, but the interactions between the overtones are missing. That can change with the concert hall.

There is a brute force method. Transcribe the song with all the instruments to MIDI and then record the MIDI performance. MIDI is divorced from the instrument sound, so you can choose whatever instrument you want.

I used to like performing MIDI songs with the wrong instruments just to see how it came out.


Audacity has very poor MIDI support. You would need a MIDI sequencer.

You can try a “Harmonic Exciter” or “Exciter” effect. There is one [u]here[/u].