Hacked by Audiotronics


After recording an entire book, I opened Audacity yesterday to finish the end credits and when I clicked the shortcut I always used before, it launched a new program “Audiotronics” with some type of tag line that it was the “improved Audacity for Windows”. I searched it up and did find a “Blue Sky” site saying they were the developers of Audacity or something like that and that the Audiotronics app was the updated version for Windows 10. I opened my project and recorded the ending. I realized I was hacked and since the original Audacity program was removed by the hackers, I had to download it again last night. Now, when I try to open the book file (that is 99% recorded in Audacity but had the end recorded in the “Audiotronics”) is says “Your file was saved using Audacity You are using Audacity 2.4.2. You may need to upgrade to a newer version to open this file.” When I saved the file in the other app, it must have saved in the Audacity version. The interface looked exactly like what I was using before.

Is there any way to recover this file. It is my entire book narration. I will now shut down my computer at night! But I don’t see how they were able to delete my existing Audacity and download their software and also change my shortcut to point to the hacker’s software. Yikes!

Thank you.
Avis Kalfsbeek

The official repository for old versions of Audacity (e.g. 2.1.0) is … Old Audacity versions download

That seems to be what this post was about.



There are full instructions here: Opening AUP Files - #15 by steve