frequency elimination/dampening using nyquist


I’ve done some research in the archives and it seems that nyquist is probably best for what I want to accomplish. I am looking to cut out the dominating effect of some cymbals in a song that is detracting from the rest of the instruments. In a perfect world I would love to get ahold of the original tracks before being mixed to the master but seeing how that’s not possible…

I guess I’m looking for the equivalent of a low-pass/high-pass combination effect. I have tried the 31-band EQ which has helped eliminate the cymbals, but I want to get even more specific as to what EXACT frequency to eliminate/dampen (ones that don’t show up on the EQ) OR a range of frequencies (between X and Y).

How can I write a script for eliminating or dampening an exact frequency
and a range of frequencies using nyquist?


Have a look at this “band stop” filter

thanks for that, but it only goes up to 10KHz? When I was messing around with the EQ, 12.5Khz seemed to be where the key frequencies were…

Maybe use the cymbal noise (on its own) as the “noise profile” for “noise reduction”.

don’t get your hopes up though , the result may be too distorted.

To increase the maximum frequency for the plug-in, open the .ny file in a text editor and find the line:

;control freq "Centre Frequency" real "[Hz]" 1000 100 10000

and change it to

;control freq "Centre Frequency" real "[Hz]" 1000 100 15000

For very high frequency filtering the audio must be at a high sample rate.

The “quick & dirty” solution would be to type the frequency value with the keyboard into the small text window beside the slider. As far as I can see from the code, the plugin works with frequencies up to samplefrequency/2, the 10kHz is only an artificial limitation of the slider range. Just tested with 15000Hz, it works.

If the centre frequency plus half the stop-band width is too high (greater than half the sample frequency) it will give an error message.
For a band with of 0.5 octaves you can go up to about 18.5 kHz centre frequency (assuming a sample rate of 44.1 kHz)

It worked! I haven’t used it on the aforementioned project, which I plan on doing when I get back to work on monday. However, I input the 15000 in the text editor and it came out perfect, no problems. thank you!