Freezing up when handling large files


Audacity doesn’t handle well large files when:

  • saving a project as another project
  • copying and pasting tracks
  • closing a project

Every time I do that, it freezes (NOT RESPONDING) and/or creates significant time lags (15 sec - 1 min and longer), for example between closing the project and Audacity starting to compact it. Often it will freeze few times in the process.

Today it even created an error in closing the project (unhandled exception ? - or something similar, I didn’t write down the words), giving me three options to proceed without explaining the consequences of those options, so I chose blindly hoping for the best.

I can’t go back to that project, as I have been frantically dealing with several versions of it in the past 30 minutes and don’t recall which one was it, with confusion resulting from the lack of the lossless backup (raised in another post - as the current backups are useless) while until now I believed that I DO have a lossless copy of my project, and inability to remove echo from an already closed and opened project - please include this critical information in your manual!. I need to find the version of my project with the final edits and without the echo - it looks that I can’t.

several compounding issues with lots of extra work and time.

could you please advise.

Yes, especially if you make major changes to your project. (Amplifying the entire project by .1 is a major change - amplifying a few seconds by 20 no so much).

With the unified file structure in Audacity 3.x, the entire project is stored in one .aup3 database file. When you close this project, housekeeping is done, undo information is discarded, and major changes are rewritten to the database as necessary and unneeded space is reclaimed. This can take a while - just be patient - if you try to abort or bypass this step, damage to your project can result.

Also, make sure that you are running on the latest version of Audacity, 3.1.3, which contains some speedup improvements over prior 3.x versions.

I do have the current version.

It’s not so much the amount of time it takes but the fact that it freezes up [NOT RESPONDING] which indicates an issue/error in the program that I am concerned about.

Not Responding is not the same as Processing.

If it showed PROCESSING - fine, I can wait.

Well then, this is a good suggestion! :smiley: