Free Tape Model VST plugin

I just checked CHOW Tape Model (32-bit) works in Audacity on Windows …
Also available for Mac.

Is it any good?

(It’s strange how we used to take so much time and effort trying to overcome the limitations of tape, and now there’s a plug-in to do the opposite :confused: )

A few bugs, but yes it does work: controllable wow, flutter, dropouts, tape-chew, hiss.

I prefer sketch cassette, but that doesn’t work in Audcaity & it’s not free, (but reasonably priced).

Just noticed they do other free plugins (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The “Chow Centaur” distortion effect on “neural” is very good emulation of analogue if the “Gain” knob is turned above 0.8
A double dose: “traditional” then “neural” is very walkie-talkie …

'neural' with 'gain' above above 0-8 is good.png

A year on, they’ve fixed the bugs on Chow Tape Model, and added new features, (still free).