Folders Icons missing.

How does your usual file browser (“Nautilus”?) display folders?

My file browser shows the folders like this…,

Ubuntu 20.04 has Audacity 2.3.3 (Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- audacity)
How did you install Audacity / where did it come from?

Hi there,

I noticed today that the icons of the folders are no longer visible and that makes it somewhat difficult to differentiate between folders and file formats such as MP3.

Any body got a idea how to fix it?
Screenshot from 2021-10-22 02-03-04.png
Screenshot from 2021-10-22 01-57-03.png

I just checked it again I have Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and Audacity is 3.0.5.
The audacity was downloaded and installed from the ‘Ubuntu software center’ program.

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I’m guessing that you’ve got a Snap version.
We’ve had quite a few reports of problems with the Snap version. I don’t recommend using that version yet.
I’ve used the Ubuntu repository “Audacity 2.3.3” extensively, and that works pretty well (no serious issues).

ok, so if I download software via ‘software center’ I always get snap versions?
Would downloading via the terminal be a better option? (sudo apt-get install xyz)
I always thought the same type of file was to be downloaded by these two methods.

I don’t use the Ubuntu Software Center, but I think it offers you both the normal (“apt”) repository version, and the Snap version.

Very easy to install from a Terminal, but uninstall the other version first.

sudo apt install audacity

I agree this has become a bit confusing. Before there were Snap versions, then the Ubuntu Software Center was just a graphical front end for Apt. In recent years it has become a bit of a mess (in my opinion), but hopefully it will improve over time.

At the moment there are competing technologies, with Apt packages, Snapd, FlatPak and AppImages. I generally prefer the Apt package versions, but that may change in the future.