File Not Opening

So, I had recorded some audio on a version of Audacity from the windows store a few weeks ago. I don’t know what version it was, but it was fairly new. I only got my laptop in July, and I downloaded Audacity soon after. Today, I went in to add some more parts to my previous recording from a few weeks ago that was recorded on some version of Audacity. I realized today that the app had been updated to “Audiotonic-Audacity Rebuilt for Windows 10,” and now when I open my file, it says “This file was saved using Audiotonic You are using Audiotonic 2.4.2. You may need to upgrade to a newer version to open this file.” The problem here is, I cannot upgrade to a newer version. There is no newer version available, and I cannot really download a newer version of Audacity because my laptop has Windows 10 in S mode. I just recorded this audio today and was really happy with it, so I will be really frustrated if I can no longer access it. Can someone please tell me how I can access these files? I’m seriously confused as to why it’s telling me I recorded it on a way older version when I only recorded the first part a few weeks ago and then recorded some more today, Thanks!

That’s a bug in the (unofficial) Windows Store version of Audacity (apparently now called “Audiotonic” because “Audacity” is our registered trademark).

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