FadeOut N times in a track evenly

Hi, community,
I’m looking for a way to replicate engine cutoff effect,
so I have the engine sound and I want to either by envelope tool (as I do manually due to giving the best result) or
by the fadeout tool, make the engine sound appear and fade out by a Macro.

“The way I do it Manually”

As replicating the Envelope method in Macro should be much more complex I decided to try the Fadeout method in Macro;
so I made this Macro but the result is not as I wanted.

I would be very thankful for any kind of help!

Do each of those “pulses” have a different sound, or do they each sound pretty much the same?
If the latter, then you could manually make one “pulse”, then use the “Repeat” effect to make a lot of pulses.

An envelope-follower may be of help …

Or you could run a Nyquist script in the Nyquist Prompt effect:

;version 4
;type process

(setf env
    (abs-env (pwev 0.1 0.1 1 0.3 0.9 1 0.1))))

;; Modulate at a frequency of 10 Hz
(mult *track*
  (osc (hz-to-step 10) 1 env))

First Track000.png

Thanks a lot guys,
I would have appreciated much sooner if I was notified by an Email.
Both solutions are cool and useful, however to my specific case
I found the second solution by “@steve” the best solution.
I only have to make the effect loopable.

Once again, thanks a lot for such a quick response :pray:

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