Extreme Stretch added to Audacity

Sorry, what is the difference between the two patches, and which is the correct one? You have the first one on the Wiki.


Yes indeed, it was my mistake, sorry.

I guess those interested in “brainwave entrainment” might like your effect. If it is included in Audacity, we’ll need it to be documented in the Manual ( > http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Effect_Menu > ).

Yes, I will document it when I will see commited in the svn.


This is the correct one ( I changed in the wiki too).

I’m trying to build the standalone version of Paulstretch on Linux (Debian Squeeze), but I’m getting the following errors, (any ideas how to fix this?)

PAaudiooutput.cpp:29: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo’ with no type
PAaudiooutput.cpp:29: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘...’ before ‘*’ token
PAaudiooutput.cpp: In function ‘void PAaudiooutputinit(Player*, int)’:
PAaudiooutput.cpp:40: error: invalid conversion from ‘int (*)(const void*, void*, long unsigned int, int)’ to ‘long unsigned int’
/usr/include/portaudio.h:355: error: too few arguments to function ‘PaError Pa_OpenDefaultStream(PortAudioStream**, int, int, PaSampleFormat, double, long unsigned int, long unsigned int, int (*)(void*, void*, long unsigned int, PaTimestamp, void*), void*)’
PAaudiooutput.cpp:40: error: at this point in file

To answer my own question:
Apparently it depends on, portaudio version 1.9, but the default in Squeeze is version 1.8, so the easiest solution (without risk of breaking anything) is to build paulstretch with jack audio and move PAaudiooutput.cpp out of the way.

Updating portaudio-dev to portaudio19-dev also works.

Thanks. It was committed four days ago. I added a draft page for the effect

but it needs some text for what the controls do.

Can you either post that text here, or PM me for an account on the Manual Wiki which you need to edit the Manual yourself?



Thanks for adding the manual page. The effect is well described in the manual page.


Did the latest version patch of paulstretch make it into 2.0.3? cheers.

What “version patch” is that?
According to Paul’s website paulstretch has not been updated since 2011.

I have a question. What was this song in sample, what I heard?
That’s a very nice song.

This is the song: “Johannes Brahms - Op.45 Ein Deutsches Requiem - (04) Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen”.